Glenn Elliott - biography


welcome 3 20120705 1895506846Glenn Elliott was born in 1941 in Fort Worth Texas, a military brat and a preachers kid.  His family moved about the rural south about every two years as his dad was in the military then civilian ministry.  Glenn went to eighteen different school by the time he got out of high school.  Then four years in the  U. S. Air force In Okinawa  and North Africa.

Glenn attended university in Huntsville Texas where he met his first real live visual artist.  Charles Pebworth was a Native American and a teacher at Sam Houston State University.  He did beautifully crafted wood carvings brightly painted and somewhat rude.welcome 2 20120705 1680078225

After university Glenn worked at the Alley Theatre in Houston Texas and spent most Sunday afternoons at the Contemporary Art Museum which showed a wide cross section of American and European artists, some of which he will never forget and they continue to influence his work today.

Glenn moved to Stratford Ontario in 1969 to work at the Stratford Festival as a props builder.  He has explored hundreds of different media through his theatre work and some of these techniques have transferred  to his personal work such as modeling clay, casting techniques and welding.

Currently Glenn weaves spider webs in the front bedroom of his home studio. There is also a brick kiln for smoke firing ceramic sculpture in the back yard and a welder in the basement for the found object pieces.

Glenn hopes to incorporate a Slinky into his next clock.